ENVS-220 Environmental Analysis: The End!

Today’s ENVS Poster Celebration marks the end of my time in ENVS-220 Environmental Analysis. What an experience it has been! I am definitely excited to finally complete the course, and to celebrate by presenting my lab group’s main achievement of the semester: this poster.

Click to expand.

It may not look like much, but this colorful rectangle represents hours of learning, grappling with tough concepts, thinking, re-thinking, and re-thinking. I’ve explained what’s going on on the poster at some length in many places, and I refuse to do it again. Instead, I’d like to take the time to discuss the exciting potential behind the piece of work.

My lab partner, Margot, and I have the opportunity to study abroad in India in the fall of 2019. Creating this poster and taking some preliminary steps in situated environmental research and analysis gave us the opportunity to begin to get to know India in an environmental context. The research project also began to expose us to the country’s astounding economic, cultural, regional, and environmental diversity.

Our project proposal centered on the relationship between class and the environment, but we have the unique opportunity to visit our situated context, and hopefully add more nuance to what we’ve learned so far. We hope our semester abroad will expose us to and educate us about more areas of diversity that affect the environment.

As Mira Kamdar explains in her book, Planet India, India is a microcosm: as goes India, so goes the world. By this she means that India’s current moment is a very important one. India as growing, developing, and changing at unprecedented rates, but with these things come issues like resource scarcity and extreme inequality. Witnessing and supporting India as it grapples with its environmental and other problems is important, because the problems they face are the ones that the entire planet does. We hope that our project can highlight important pieces of India’s current moment, and help to understand and then even solve some of the environmental problems the country faces.

Featured Image — Double rainbow over L&C’s Agnes Flanagan Chapel


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